June 2021 Elections

Information on the June 2021 Officer Elections
Elections for the 2021-2022 Jones Hill Association Officers will take place on Wednesday, June 9, 2021.

Any member may nominate a candidate (including themself) for each of the following positions:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Please submit any nominations to secretary @ joneshill.com.  All received nominations will be updated on this page in a timely manner as they are received.

Nominations must be received by the JHA Secretary no later than Sunday, June 6, 2021.
Proposed By-Law Changes

In addition to Officer Elections, the Jones Hill Association will vote on changes to the By-Laws at the June 9th meeting. The majority of the changes involve expanding the Board of Directors from four to nine by adding five new members.  The proposed changes can be viewed via this link.

View the proposed changes to and role definitions for the Board of Directors here.


Please note that in order to hold a vote for the by-law changes, there must be a quorum of 50% of all the voting JHA members present at the June 9th meeting. Attendance will be taken prior to the by-law vote. The proposed amendments must have at least two-thirds of the affirmative vote of the voting members present to be adopted.

Candidate’s Night

Please join us for a Candidate’s Night on Thursday, June 3 at 7 p.m.  Each candidate who has had a nomination submitted by that day will introduce themselves and have two minutes to share their interests and skills for the position. This will be followed by three minutes of Q&A from JHA Members.

Please email info@joneshill.com for the Zoom invitation.

View the candidates who have submitted nominations below. Click on a candidate’s name to view their Statement of Candidacy.

Candidates for President

I am Bridget Curd and I have lived on Stoughton Street for 22 years.  I have been an active Jones Hill Association member for 15 years and President for 9 years. I care deeply for the best interests of the neighborhood and will continue to work with fellow JHA officers, city and state officials, and volunteers to achieve this goal.

Candidates for Vice President

My name is Mike Rudolph, and I have been asked by several members of the community to run for Jones Hill Association Vice President. My wife and I moved to Peverell Street in 2018 and welcomed our daughter Noa in April of last year. While I have been active with many Jones Hill activities, there is one in particular I would like to highlight. Many of you may recall the shooting on Windermere in May of 2019, which was a shock to many of us. While there was an initial call for more policing, a small group of us felt there was a bigger opportunity to help treat the root cause. That small group quickly grew into a coalition of a couple dozen as members of Jones Hill met with another local nonprofit, My Brother’s Keeper 617 (MBK617), whose mission is to empower youth in our community to reach their full potential (and thereby reduce the chances of them being recruited into local gangs). Over just seven weeks, we joined forces and coordinated with many local stakeholders from city council and state representatives to local businesses and neighbors like you to organize a block party that served many purposes: 1) we raised over $6000 for MBK617 programming, which also sent a message that the community supports and values their cause and provided them with a boost in credibility to seek additional support; 2) it helped those who attended feel that their community is a little bit bigger by fostering a sense of camaraderie, belonging, and ownership; and 3) it helped to promote a sense of responsibility for the collective successes and failures of our neighbors moving forward. If this isn’t directly aligned with the spirit of why JHA exists, I don’t know what is. While I was by no means personally responsible for the success of this event, the folks who nominated me appreciated the following skills that I can bring to the role of VP: my ability to promote a vision and help get the ball rolling, my organizational drive and transparency, my ability to listen to the concerns of others, my conscious promotion of antiracist policies and ideas, my ability to get involved as needed but delegate and empower others to play to their strengths, and ability to bring others together for the greater good. With these, I would be honored to serve as VP for a term! 

Professional bio/background, if you’re interested: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikerudolph/

Candidates for Treasurer

I’m Stacey Cordeiro and I have lived at 65 Pleasant Street since 2012.  I moved to Dorchester from Jamaica Plain, where I served for a time as president of the Sumner Hill Association.  I’m a graduate of MIT’s city planning program and am deeply interested in issues of equity and sustainability as they relate to the development in our neighborhood.  I am the Executive Director of a small non-profit organization, the mission of which is to assist entrepreneurs from disadvantaged communities to launch and grow their businesses, and we specialize in cooperative businesses and other forms of social enterprise.  Some of the services I provide through my work include bookkeeping, database management, governance and board support, budgeting, strategic planning, and training in financial literacy.  I’m very familiar with the reporting and tax requirements at the state and federal level for many types of legal entities, including a tax exempt, unincorporated association like JHA.  I would be very pleased to bring these skills to the role of treasurer, and have a vision of streamlining and automating the membership database, introducing a participatory budgeting process to the association, and promoting transparency by making official financial statements available to members on a regular basis.  I’ve been the chair of the JHA Outreach committee for the past year, and co-coordinated the organizing drive to distribute 1500 door hangers to every household in the Association’s area, along with other members of the Outreach team.  I have really enjoyed getting to know many of you through this work, and would like to continue contributing to making our Association more vibrant, and more inclusive of the entire community.

Candidates for Secretary

I’m Morgan Callahan (she/hers). I moved to Peverell Street in 2019 after I fell in love with the neighborhood and started to attend JHA meetings almost right away where I was immediately impressed with the amount of dedication and activity found on Jones Hill. Professionally, I have sought to increase diversity and equity within a variety of platforms, which is what drew me to the JHA’s outreach committee, where I am proud to have been a part of the door hanger effort this spring. I’m running for the Secretary position because I believe communication is key to creating an inclusive neighborhood association and want to ensure that JHA information is recorded accurately and distributed in a timely manner. I know monthly meeting attendance is not possible for everyone but with robust communication, I think there are many ways we can make participation in JHA more accessible. As Secretary, I look forward to leading correspondence over the summer and then working to split the role come fall, at which point I believe we can build upon the systems already in place to ensure our neighborhood gets the information it needs. If I didn’t meet you at the recent neighborhood clean-up or yard sale, I hope to make your acquaintance soon! In my spare time, I enjoy trying to both keep flowers alive on my front porch and to run up Peverell Street.