The Jones Hill Association fosters standing (permanent) and special (ad-hoc) committees as a way to involve residents in civic matters, addressing temporary and ongoing issues pertinent to residents, and to foster community. We currently have the following committees:

Planning and Development

This committee guides residents and developers who wish to improve and/or invest in property and housing on Jones Hill. We recognize that neighborhoods are stronger when we work together to achieve a better quality of life for everyone. This includes a built environment that provides green spaces and recreational opportunities with an emphasis on walking and biking to restaurants, parks, shopping, and work. We especially value collaboration with our diverse neighborhood.


Our GreenSpace committee works with city partners and community members to transform empty lots, derelict buildings, and park spaces into new and vibrant places for residents to enjoy and use for productive purposes, including garden plots and food forests.

The Friends of Downer Ave Playground group, in partnership with the City of Boston, is committed to the upkeep and enhancement of the park so it remains an inclusive, well-maintained recreational space for the enjoyment of our entire community and future generations.


Who doesn’t like a party?! Our social committee helps plan and organize our regular resident get-togethers. Let’s have fun!


Formerly Diversity and Inclusion, the Outreach Committee will continue their work to encourage representation, participation, and involvement of our diverse community in JHA activities. 


Anyone really like traffic? Neither do we! We work with Boston Transportation Department and city officials to minimize problems on our hill.