November 2022 Minutes

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Welcome (3 min) Stephen McBride
Treasurer’s Report (5 min) 


Regular donations received: $65

Fire relief donations received: $11,485.60

  Fire Relief Paypal Fees Paid: $221.50

  Interest income $1.27

  Total Income: $11,773.37


Donations Paid: $12,000

Payment Processing: $8.05

Video Conferencing: $15.93

Total Expenses: $23.98

Total Liabilities and Net Assets: $10,717.96

Stacey Cordeiro
Police Report (10 min) 

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● C11CSO on Twitter:

In the area of Jones Hill

October 30: Gunshot incident

November 1: Someone was demanded their necklace at gunpoint

Officer Downing also shared an incident involving a moped and recommended we reach out with any suspicious activity.

Officer George Downing
8 Sawyer Ave Updates and Vote on Association Support

Aisling provided an overview and update on this project at 8 Sawyer, which is proposed to become a 5 unit building. 

Next steps: Zoning board of appeals; BPDA design review; and building permit submission.

VOTE: 1 abstention, 21 yes, 1 no

NEXT STEPS: We will write a letter of support to the city. 

Aisling Kerr
19 Peverell Street Presentation and Vote on Association Support

The interior of all 3 units of 19 Peverell are almost near completion. In addition, there is a roof deck being built. The building of the roofdeck was started without proper permitting. Aaron Daigneault provided an overview of the roofdeck plans, which would be 30 x 18. 

Idea was introduced of adding a gas line on the roof deck to encourage a gas grill instead of propane for safety. Another neighbor recommended electric instead. 

Question was asked about railing and guardrails. Aaron said guardrails will have to meet engineering standards. 

Question about rafters and Aaron said there have been serious upgrades to the rafters according to engineer standards. 

Question about the live load regarding safety, as well as roof penetrations in terms of maintenance issues, such as rot. 

Concerns about lack of sprinklers was addressed.  Aaron walked through structure details on slide 3, showing it has been site spec’d by an engineer and there have been structural upgrades but the old building was not gutted. 

One neighbor asked about the large size of the deck. Aaron answered, explaining the decision was made to help the sale of the condo. 

Many neighbors chimed in about the size of the roofdeck and raised concerns about the size and the capacity it holds. 

Landed on proposing a size we are comfortable with. Aaron asked that the 18 width stay and the depth be amended. We will follow up with Aaron on next steps. 

VOTE: Are we in support of the proposal that was delivered to the association? 1 yes, 2, abstentions, 16 no

Blue Sky Realty

Devon Previte

Aaron Daigneault

31 Downer Ave Presentation and Vote on Association Support

Alexander introduced himself and provided a high level overview of the project which is proposed to be a 3 family and 3 story (with a roofdeck) building. Roofdeck would be 500 square feet but Alexander understands it should be smaller. Alexander has owned the house since 2006. 

One neighbor asked about who lives there now. There are 2 tenants and Alexander said will likely be looking for larger spaces. 

A concern was posed about having a diversity of housing in terms of changing the street to become only triple deckers. 

Parking was also raised. Will there be parking on the property? Yes, there is a curb cut and driveway. Will there be off street parking? Yes, 3 parking spaces in the rear. 

We can reach out to Alexander with any questions via email. 

Alexander Brown
Committee Reports 

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    • Halloween Home Decorating Contest Winners!
    • Congratulations to our winners! 
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  • Greenspace & Friends of Downer Park (

Stephen McBride

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Clothing and Textile Recycling in Boston

In compliance with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s policy, beginning November 1, the City of Boston will not accept clothing and textiles in curbside trash. 

To help residents comply with this state policy, the City of Boston offers two options for residents to dispose of their unwanted clothing and textiles: 1) drop boxes conveniently located throughout the City, and 2) weekend curbside textile collection. Items that are soiled, wet, or moldy should still be placed in your curbside trash for collection. 

More information can be found here